Friday, May 7th, 2021 Video and Audio Podcast

We’ve got a busy show today! Our host Jesse Allen provides us with a market analysis and recap of Friday’s trade today followed by three special interviews. **MARKET NEWS ONLY IN THE AUDIO VERSION OF TODAY’S PODCAST**

First, May is Mental Health Awareness Month and that is the topic of our discussion with Bernard Geschke of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation. We discuss tips to help you manage stress and also things they teach children at Progressive Ag Safety Days about mental health and stress management. Learn more at

Then we talk with two different Valent representatives about soil health and weed management. We talk soil health with Mike Riffle and weed management with Lowell Sandell for this 2021 planting and growing season. Watch these interview separately below or listen to the full audio broadcast at a link listed below or via the drop down menu up above.

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