Meat Institute: California Prop 12 Not Beneficial to Consumers

The North American Meat Institute says California’s Proposition 12 provides no benefit to consumers and increases breeding sow mortality according to the State’s own proposed rule. The California Department of Food and Agriculture released the proposed rule, originally due in September 2019, late last month. The Meat Institute has filed a reply brief recently to its petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. Julie Anna Potts, President and CEO of the Meat Institute, states, “Our petition to challenge the law has the support of more than 20 states.” The question is whether the U.S. Constitution permits California to extend its power beyond its territorial borders by banning the sale of pork and veal products sold into California unless out-of-state farmers restructure their facilities to meet animal-confinement standards dictated by California. The Meat Institute says allowing the law to stand “insulates in-state farmers from out-of-state competition, while imposing crushing burdens on out-of-state farmers.”

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