Ethanol Industry to Testify at House Ag EV Hearing

The ethanol industry will testify at a House Ag hearing Wednesday on the impact of electric vehicle investments on agriculture and rural America.

Renewable Fuels Association chief Geoff Cooper will tell the House Ag Committee that ethanol, not just electric power, is the future of U.S. transportation. “We’re not opposed to electric vehicles, we do believe that electric vehicles are going to be an important part of the strategy to decarbonize our transportation sector. But EVs are not the only strategy for decarbonizing transportation.”

Cooper argues agriculture and rural America can achieve net-zero emission fuel by the White House’s goal of 2050. “When you add things like carbon capture and sequestration, when you replace the use of natural gas with biogas, and certainly, when you look upstream to the farm and think about some of the things that are happening on-farm today, with cover crops and no-till or low-intensity tillage practices and improvements in fertilizer, we have no doubt that corn ethanol can achieve a net zero carbon footprint—certainly by 2050, and we think it will probably happen sooner than that.”

Cooper will argue before lawmakers, for a technology-neutral, ‘all of the above’ approach to fueling transportation—even as backers of electric vehicles claim they’re already zero-carbon. “We know that’s just nonsense, especially in certain parts of the country where the grid is more reliant on fossil fuels for electricity generation, we know that EVs in those areas are worse, in terms of their carbon profile than a flex fuel vehicle, for instance, that would be running on E85 or high-ethanol blends.”

The Energy Information Administration found that most vehicles will still use internal combustion engines by mid-century…and Cooper points out ethanol is already half-as-carbon polluting as gasoline.

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