Grassley Defends Cattle Market Approach vs. AFB, Hopes for Sweeping SCOTUS WOTUS Decision

The author of a key cattle market reform bill says he’s sticking with the bill’s formula for price discovery and transparency, despite formal opposition from the American Farm Bureau. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley isn’t budging on his proposal with Nebraska’s Deb Fisher to mandate cash trade requirements now opposed by the American Farm Bureau.

“Well, I’m going to look at what revisions they’re suggesting. But, if we can’t satisfy them on their revisions, we’re just going to have an honest disagreement of opinion.”

And on possible opposition by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association; “Our beef associations support our bill. We represent our people and we’re going to represent Iowans. We aren’t going to represent cattle feeders in other states.”

Farm Bureau says it supports most of the bipartisan Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act, including a contract library of alternative marketing agreements. The bill has some 16 cosponsors.

Meanwhile, Grassley’s hopeful for new clarity now that the Supreme Court decided to take up an appeal of a 2006 Clean Water Act ruling that set the standard for Waters of the U.S. wetlands rules.

“And I think the makeup of the court, with the most recent appointments to the court, gives us good reason to hope for that. On the other hand, under court decisions maybe going back 20 years, there’s been a gradual approach to the respect of private property.”

Moving away from the automatic power that the courts have granted regulatory agencies, including the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers, with the high court ruling in 2012 that plaintiffs could challenge wetland fines threatened but not yet imposed.

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