Canada Cattlemen Oppose Warning Labels on Ground Beef

Canadian Cattle producers are raising concerns with Health Canada’s proposed regulations to put a front-of-package warning label on ground beef. The proposal from Health Canada is part of several changes to Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations. The changes would require the usage of warning labels for foods high in sodium, sugar or saturated fat. If Health Canada moves forward with the proposed regulation, Canada will be the only country in the world to put a warning label on ground beef. This move would likely impact consumer confidence and be damaging to Quebec and other beef producers across the country. Approximately 90 percent of Canadians eat ground beef weekly, and adding a warning label on ground beef would send the wrong signal to Canadian consumers, according to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. Philippe Alain, CCA board member from Quebec, says, “The proposed policy change by Health Canada is misguided and will mislead consumers.”

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