Grassley Confident Cattle Price, Special Investigator Bills Will Advance

The Senate Ag Committee was expected to advance key cattle pricing and meat anti-trust bills today, according to a main sponsor of the bills.

Ag Senator Chuck Grassley expects to finally see his months’ long battle to help independent producers by advancing his Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act from committee.

Grassley; “Senator Rounds has now joined us. That’s ten Republicans and ten Democrats, have their names on the bill. I certainly hope, as soon as we return to Washington after our July break, that Leader Schumer will put these bills on the floor for a vote.”

Referring to a second bill, the Meat and Poultry Special Investigator Act that passed the House last week in a package of Ag bills.

One of those, to allow summertime sales of E15 gas every year, is something President Biden has privately opposed after reluctantly approving a waiver this summer. Grassley said; “I would hope the president would look at it favorably. I can’t answer your question, I guess, because I don’t have that kind of information, and, when it comes up in the Senate, that’d be up to Schumer, how it’s going to come up, but it could kind of, all be fit together. But I’m not sure he would look at it that way—but I wish he would.”

Grassley predicts the House-passed bill, even with E15, would get 60 votes needed to pass in the Senate, given it would save motorists some 30-cents a gallon.

As for a competing House GOP-only bill to lower farm input costs and help reduce food and fuel inflation, Grassley argues that bill could be complimentary to the House-approved measure.

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