California Company Intends to Build First Sugar Cane Ethanol Plant

A California company intends to build the first ethanol plant in America powered by sugar cane. California Ethanol and Power intends to construct a $650 million plant on 160 acres. The plant is part of a $1.1 billion project that includes agreements with local farmers to grow sugar cane for the ethanol plant. The company also will have an agreement in place with a top farming cooperative to market the ethanol. L.A. Business Journal says if the company gets enough financing, the plan is to have the plant running by late 2025, producing about 68 million gallons of ethanol every year. The plant will also generate byproducts like 49 megawatts of electricity and about 740 million gallons of biomethane that can be used to heat businesses and homes. The plant will also produce about 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide gas that the company will capture and sell to other companies needing CO2 emission offsets.