Farmfest Offering Livestreamed Forums on Farm Bill, Ag Outlook, and More

National farm and ranch leaders will be in Minnesota for Farmfest on August 2-4 at the Gilfillan Estates near Morgan, Minnesota. They’ll be discussing agricultural topics like the farm bill, the agricultural outlook for the year ahead, and many others. The feature forum will be Tuesday, August 2, at 1:15 pm Central Time, when the primary focus will be on the key topics getting considered as Congress develops the 2023 Farm Bill. Wednesday’s forum schedule starts at 8:30 am and will feature grain marketing, weather, ag policy, crop, and livestock experts sharing perspectives on the year ahead. A Women in Agriculture event will conclude with the presentation of the Farmfest Woman Farmer of the Year on Thursday.

Niki Jones is the marketing director for IDEAg, and she says they’ll have multiple live-streamed sessions from Farmfest. She says developing the next farm bill will be a big topic of discussion. “I think that affects all the ag producers out there, and it’s good to hear from the people that are going to be in the ears of the people making the next farm bill and to understand what they feel like is important and for them to be able to hear from others what is important to them.”

She says Farmfest organizers plan the informational forums to appeal to a wide audience.

“We want to make sure that it’s very relevant for the people that live in the area but also it brings people in from all over the United States, so it’s very relevant for them to see this nationwide discussion and content that affects all ag producers. You can go to, scroll down the “at the show” tab, and there is a page called farm fest forum. When it is time for those to go live, you’ll be able to stream each of them live as they happen.

For a full schedule and to see the Livestream events, go to