Spring Wheat Tour Final Yield in Line With USDA Estimates

After three days, the Wheat Quality Council’s 2022 Hard Spring Wheat and Durum Tour wrapped up this week with solid yield estimates for both crops. The tour found an average spring wheat yield estimate of 49.1 bushels per acre and a durum estimate of 39 bushels per acre. Those estimates came after three days of surveying fields across North Dakota and parts of Minnesota as the tour left Fargo on Tuesday and returned there on Thursday.

The tour estimates are in line and close to USDA’s current projections for the spring wheat crop at 47 bushels per acre and 40.3 bushels per acre for durum. The tour projections are the second highest for the tour since 2008 after higher marks in 2015.

Listen below to a full recap with Jesse Allen and Dave Green, Executive VP of the Wheat Quality Council: