Weekly Crop Progress Report- 8/1/22- Corn Condition Unchanged, Soybeans Up One Point

On this week’s USDA Weekly Crop Progress report, we saw corn in the good to excellent category unchanged for the week and soybeans up one point on the week ending July 31st. Corn condition nationwide remained at 61% good to excellent, one percentage point lower than this time last year. The nationwide poor to very poor rating stayed the same although the very poor category gained a point from the poor category this week.

North Dakota corn is at 79% good to excellent, South Dakota corn is at 65% good to excellent, Minnesota corn is at 63% good to excellent and Nebraska corn is at 54% good to excellent. Iowa remains at 76% good to excellent with Illinois close behind at 74%.

Soybeans nationwide are at 60% good to excellent, up one point from last week and tied with the five year average for this time of year. North Dakota soybeans stand at 63% good to excellent, South Dakota at 65% good to excellent, Minnesota at 66% good to excellent and Nebraska soybeans stand at 57% good to excellent. Iowa soybeans are 73% good to excellent and Illinois soybeans are at 68% good to excellent.

Spring wheat nationwide stands at 70% good to excellent, up two percentage points from last week. North Dakota spring wheat is at 80% good to excellent, South Dakota is at 56% good to excellent and Minnesota is at 82% good to excellent as of Sunday.

Read the full report here: https://downloads.usda.library.cornell.edu/usda-esmis/files/8336h188j/cn69n9494/37721k49q/prog3222.pdf