New AgView Feature Furthers Protection for U.S. Pork Industry


A new feature from AgView, a pig contact-tracing platform, helps further protect the U.S. pork industry from Foreign Animal Diseases. Producers can now continuously share info with state animal health officials thanks to the new feature that allows them to voluntarily opt-in, log info for each site, and share information. The new feature will allow producers to share individual site owners and contact info for each site,, movement data, Secure Pork Supply documentation, and Lab results. With this information always available, state animal health officials can better monitor foreign animal disease concerns, even without a declared FAD event. AgView is funded by the Pork Checkoff and provides herd health and movement data at the state and federal levels to promote business continuity in case of an FAD concern. All pork producers are encouraged to sign up and participate in AgView, and there’s no additional cost for Pork Checkoff-paying producers to take part.