Soy-Based Asphalt Installed at Farm Progress Show Site

Soybean farmers attending the 2022 Farm Progress Show will have the opportunity to experience the value of their soy checkoff investments in research and development firsthand. An installation of more than 42,000 square feet of soy-based asphalt, sponsored by the Iowa Soybean Association, has been completed at the Central Iowa Expo Grounds near Boone, Iowa, just in time for the event. As high oleic soybean acres continue to increase, more end users are realizing the value of this soybean variety and the corresponding added value it brings to a range of products, including asphalt. April Hemmes, United Soybean Board member from Iowa, says, “Our goal in funding this project is to highlight the diversity of high oleic soybean oil and its potential for use in pavement, coverings and coatings.” The binding agent, developed with high oleic soybean oil, increases asphalt durability and offers a more environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional binding agents.