Weekly Crop Ratings Fall Again This Week

Both corn and soybeans rated in the good to excellent category fell slightly again this week on USDA’s Weekly Crop Progress Report. Nationwide, corn rated good to excellent is now 55% which is down two percent from last week. Soybeans nationwide rated good to excellent now stand at 57%, down one percentage point from last week. These numbers are for the week ended Sunday, August 21st.

In North Dakota, corn is rated 68% good to excellent while South Dakota corn is at 48% good to excellent. Minnesota corn is at 67% good to excellent this week while Iowa stands at 66% good to excellent.

Soybeans in North Dakota are at 57% good to excellent while South Dakota soybeans are at 55% good to excellent. Minnesota soybeans stand at 67% good to excellent while soybeans in Iowa are at 62% good to excellent.

Spring wheat ratings nationwide are unchanged at 64% good to excellent. North Dakota is at 74% good to excellent, Minnesota is at 88% good to excellent and South Dakota is at 47% good to excellent.

Read the full report here: https://downloads.usda.library.cornell.edu/usda-esmis/files/8336h188j/vt151s09q/bz60f344t/prog3522.pdf