EPA Proposes Stopping Authorized Use of Certain Pesticide Ingredients

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to remove 12 chemicals known as PFAS from the current list of inert ingredients approved for use in pesticides to better protect people and the environment. “Exposure to PFAS is an urgent public health and environmental issue in our country, and we’re continuing to work aggressively to reduce the use of these dangerous chemicals,” says Michael Freedhoff, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. “Ensuring that these 12 chemicals can no longer be used in pesticides is an important step to protect workers, the public, and the planet.” EPA also says it will take a renewed look at previous PFAS decisions and do a thorough review of its list of chemical substances that have been approved for use as inert ingredients in pesticide products. Those products contain at least one active ingredient and other intentionally-added inert ingredients that improve product performance.