The Fertilizer Institute urges Congress Act to Avoid a Freight Rail Shutdown

The Fertilizer Institute over the weekend again urged Congress to take action to avoid a freight rail shutdown on September 16. TFI sent a letter to Congressional leaders pushing for intervention to prevent a stoppage from occurring. TFI President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch says, “A stoppage hasn’t yet happened, but we are already feeling the negative effects of non-resolution.” Rail carriers announced Friday evening that shipments of fertilizer products, such as ammonia – a key fertilizer and building block for approximately three-fourths of all fertilizer – will start coming off rail networks this week. Rosenbusch contends the situation will get exponentially worse every day there is no resolution, adding, “if they cannot reach an agreement, Congress must act to avoid an economic catastrophe that will only add to inflation and increase consumer pain.” Congress can prevent rail workers from striking and has done so before, in 1986 when then-President Ronald Reagan intervened in the strike of workers for Maine Central railway.