Regan: Permanent Year-Round E15 Rule Ready by Summer 2023 Driving Season

Biofuel advocates and several state governors have been pushing the Environmental Protection Agency for year-round access to E15. EPA administrator Micheal Regan spoke during a Growth Energy Fly-In event in Washington, D.C. Regan says several states are asking the agency for the ability to sell the biofuel without restrictions.

“Looking beyond 2022, EPA actively engaging with several Midwest governors who have requested that the agency take action to allow year-round E15 sales on a permanent basis.”

Regan says officials are working on having year-round E15 sales ready to go by the 2023 summer driving season.

“We will continue to engage with these states and will act in accordance with our authority under the Clean Air Act. We have received formal petitions from the governors of Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio. We will take steps to promulgate a rule as quickly as possible. We intend to finalize this action in time for the 2023 summer driving season.”

A Reuters article says, under the Clean Air Act, the governors can ask the EPA to put the specifications for the volatility of E15 and E10 on equal footing. The Midwest governors told the EPA that they are pursuing this route to enable year-round E15 sales.

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