Lamb Board Hosts Farm Tours for Food Influencers

People who influence opinions about food are taking to the backroads of America and learning how American lamb is raised while natural resources are protected. The American Lamb Board selected key market areas for the tours, including Boston, Seattle, Boulder, and Napa. “Our Lamb Checkoff engages with food influencers because they add another layer of credibility to our messages,” says ALB Chairman Peter Camino (Kah-MEE-no). “We’ve had numerous occasions when influencer relationships created opportunities we didn’t anticipate.” On August 1, a group of 25 Boston-area chefs and food media influencers made the trip to a farm in Boxford, Massachusetts, and enjoyed a deep dive into learning about lamb. The tour shed light on the intricacies of raising sheep in New England and highlighted the regenerative farming practices the producer already employs. The next tour was held on September 18 and hosted a group of influencers at Ninety Farms, located near Seattle.