Monday, September 19th, 2022 Video and Audio Program

On Monday, we saw the wheat markets find a lot of selling pressure while soybeans were supported by strength in soymeal. Corn, largely caught in the middle, is seeing typical harvest pressure in the market right now. Corn did finish mostly slightly higher in a nice move off of it’s lows on the day. Funds were sellers of wheat and corn and net buyers of soybeans and meal. John Heinberg of Total Farm Marketing joins us to discuss the market action and the backdrop of this week’s Fed meeting on the markets. Learn more online by visiting their website at

We also are joined by Eric Snodgrass of Nutrien to take a look at the weather forecast for the week ahead. Could we see an early frost in the Northern Plains? How much heat will be seen across the plains and mid-south to start this week? What about Hurricane Fiona in the Atlantic Ocean? Eric has the latest for us today. Sign up for his daily newsletter here: