NCGA Hosts Next Generation of Ag Leaders for Policy Institute

The National Corn Growers Association hosted a group of student delegates from the Agriculture Future of America during the AFA’s Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. The NCGA staff provided a tour and overview of the work the organization does and led discussions around how the national and state associations work collaboratively across the country to increase opportunities for America’s corn farmers. “AFA does incredible work, helping equip the next generation of agriculturalists with the tools and networking experience they’ll need to have successful careers and impact positive change,” says NCGA Market Development Manager Michael Granche’ (GRAHN-chay). “AFA doesn’t just refine their skills but gives them the confidence to walk up to a stranger and tell their ag story.” NCGA was able to engage with the student delegates through different workshops and roundtable opportunities. The Corn Growers will also be a sponsor of AFA’s Leaders Conference held in November in Kansas City.