USDA to Invest $8 Million to Expand Monitoring of Soil Carbon

The Department of Agriculture plans to invest $8 million to support and expand carbon monitoring in soils. The investment also supports the assessment of how climate-smart practices affect carbon sequestration. The investment is part of USDA’s efforts to build out a national soil carbon monitoring network, which was kicked off with soil carbon monitoring on Conservation Reserve Program acres in 2021. USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service requests proposals for regional projects focused on soil organic carbon stock monitoring, which are due November 28, 2022. The investment in building out the soil carbon monitoring network is part of USDA’s comprehensive effort to address climate change through climate-smart agriculture and forestry. NRCS Chief Terry Cosby says, “Soil health management practices and activities are a tremendous part of our strategy when it comes to climate-smart agriculture and forestry.” Additional information is available in the notice of funding, which will appear on