Farm Bill Resources Key in 2023

Funding will be one of the biggest challenges in writing the next farm bill as a new Congress grapples with many other priorities. The American Farm Bureau laid out its goals for the 2023 farm bill.

There’s no question the need is there. Farm profits are squeezed, and the American Farm Bureau’s Andrew Walmsley says support triggers aren’t high enough.

Walmsley; “I think there’s a recognition our farmers are facing pretty high inflationary and high input prices, and there’s a need to address reference prices. We’re hopeful that the committees will have the resources they need to address the needs that our members are identifying.”

Walmsley says Congress could rearrange existing dollars given new conservation dollars from the Inflation Reduction Act, though moves from that title to commodities are hard to see. “I think, in theory, Congress could move those dollars around. I definitely think it will be a focus of discussion on what we can do to improve our conservation programs. Politically, however, I don’t really see a pathway forward where you move those dollars out of the conservation title.”

AFB President Zippy Duvall; “It’s also important to make sure that we focus on food assistance to people and risk management tools to ensure that our farmers get through any challenges that faces them to the next crop, so that our nation can be secure.”

Duvall calls the farm bill a “critical piece of legislation,” but one that can only be strengthened if the new Congress provides the needed resources.