USDA, USAID Announce Global Food Security Research Strategy

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and USAID Administrator Samantha Power Wednesday released the U.S. government’s Global Food Security Research Strategy. The strategy underscores the U.S. government’s commitment to ending hunger and malnutrition and building medium to long-term sustainable, resilient food systems, according to USDA. The new research strategy emphasizes priority objectives and the use of data to help strengthen the impact of U.S. food security assistance and, with America’s leadership, generate sustainable solutions for addressing the root causes of hunger and malnutrition, which are both inextricably linked to entrenched, extreme poverty. The research strategy will underpin the United States Government Global Food Security Strategy. Secretary Vilsack says, “Investment in, and support for, agricultural research and development is imperative so that the world’s farmers have access to innovations that enhance productivity and efficiency.” The strategy focuses on climate-smart agricultural innovations, improved nutrition through high-quality, affordable diets, and genetic improvement of resilient crops and livestock.