Friday, March 24, 2023
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Mexico Moving Ahead on 2024 GMO Corn Ban

Mexico appears to be moving ahead with its plan to ban GMO corn imports by 2024. Reuters says Mexico is considering the possibility of direct agreements with farmers in the U.S., Argentina, and Brazil. Mexico’s deputy agriculture minister says the 2024 ban on GM corn won’t be amended in any way. U.S. yellow corn imports are used primarily for livestock feed in Mexico. Victor Suarez says Mexico will cut its imports of U.S. yellow corn by half when the ban takes effect via increasing domestic production. To fill any remaining gap, Mexico will try to make deals with farmers in other countries to grow non-GMO corn and sell it to Mexico. “There are many alternatives to importing non-GMO yellow corn from the United States,” Suarez says. These moves appear to go back on the promise from Mexico’s ag minister that Mexico wouldn’t limit imports of GMO yellow corn from the U.S.

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