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Mexican Lawmakers Pushing to Ban Almost 200 Pesticide Chemicals

A group of lawmakers in Mexico is attempting to ban almost 200 chemicals used in pesticides, and the country’s farmers are alarmed at the prospect.

While supporters of the idea want pesticides banned because it’s harmful to human health, farmers say that could devastate Mexico’s ability to produce food. Head Topics Dot Com says there’s a growing push in Mexico against using pesticides and growing genetically modified corn.

However, some in the Mexican government say this proposal goes too far too quickly. The country is already getting rid of glyphosate, and the country intends to ban genetically modified corn in 2024. The Senate will soon take up the plan to phase out 183 different chemicals contained in commonly-used pesticides by 2024.

The proposed bill pushes alternatives like bio-inputs and extract products to replace pesticides. If the bill is approved, it moves to a Senate vote and then the lower house.

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