Bunge Expecting Big Jump in Renewable Diesel Production

The U.S. is about to more than double its production capacity for renewable diesel. Reuters says that prediction comes from Greg Heckman, the CEO of Bunge, who says the country’s production capacity should hit five billion gallons by 2024.

Heckman recently said his company hasn’t changed its own capacity plans after the recent RFS blending requirements didn’t increase as much as the industry expected. “Demand is up,” he says. “It’s sure not affecting us as we’ve been making plans for the long term.” Bunge formed a joint venture with Chevron in 2021 and announced plans to expand processing capacity by 2024 at Bunge’s soy-crushing facilities in Illinois and Louisiana. Those beans can be used to produce soy-based biodiesel.

Other companies like JP Morgan say the EPA’s proposal on biofuel blending requirements calls for a “surprisingly low amount of growth,” and they worry about an oversupply of biodiesel without large enough mandates.

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