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AM/FM Radio in Vehicles: A Pay to Play Feature?

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Steve Koenig of the Consumer Technology Association showcased new potential trends to the media before the start of the show.

One potential trend, according to Koenig, is automakers charging extra for AM/FM radios in cars. Koenig says automakers may move to a Features as a Service offering for AM/FM radios, allowing automakers to enable or disable features based on whether the car owner is paying for the services. Automakers claim AM radio signals face electromagnetic interference generated from electric cars.

Radio Ink reports, “Automotive companies are salivating at the opportunity to capitalize on car features as services that will be subscription based.”

In December, Senator Ed Markey, A Massachusetts Democrat, urged automakers to maintain free broadcast radio in future electric vehicles. Markey said, “AM/FM broadcast radio remains the most dependable, cost-free, and accessible communication mechanism for public officials to communicate with the public during times of emergency.”

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