Friday, March 31, 2023
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Farm Bureau Chooses Farm Dog of the Year Contest Winner

The American Farm Bureau Federation picked the 2023 winner of the Farm Bureau Dog of the Year Award. Her name is “Tough,” and she’s a Border Collie owned by Denny and Donna Ashcraft of the Kansas Farm Bureau.

“Farmers and ranchers love what they do, but it can be stressful, even on the best days,” says AFB President Zippy Duvall. “Farm dogs play a dual role as working dogs and companions to farm families, and that can help ease the burden.”

The contest celebrates farm dogs that work alongside farmers and ranchers as they produce nutritious food for families and pets across America. Tough, the grand prize winner is 14 years old and has been with the Ashcraft family since the age of two. Tough injured her spinal cord and was paralyzed for a week when she was seven years old. The Border Collie recovered and spends her days working livestock.

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