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Grassley Says Mexico Doubling Down on Planned GMO Corn Ban 

Ag Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) says it’s time for Biden trade officials to trigger a USMCA dispute settlement case against Mexico for its planned GMO corn ban.

Grassley argues ‘enough is enough’; “We got news over the night, that Mexico’s doubling down on their GMO corn ban.”

Grassley and other Ag senators have repeatedly called on U.S. Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai to start a USMCA trade action against Mexico…Grassley, within 30-days. “After the 30-days, I think we need to, we need to institute for the first time, the dispute resolution process at USMCA.”

But Mexico’s not alone in thwarting U.S. farm trade. Grassley says Brazil’s now reimposed its tariff on imported U.S. ethanol, even after he and nine other senators wrote President Biden to oppose the move in a meeting with Brazil’s president.

Grassley; “All of us on that letter have no reason to believe that issue was even raised. This is yet another moment in a long line of trade policy blunders. If the Biden Administration is not going to advocate for free trade negotiations, he should at least, protect your domestic industry from unfair trade.”

Grassley, meantime, says the U.S. needs to let China know how much it resents Beijing’s balloon spying over the U.S., but adds the U.S. needs to address the “holes” in its own surveillance, threatening national security.

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