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RFA Calls for Technology Neutral Clean Fuels Program

A top lobbyist for the ethanol industry told Congress that any national clean fuels program should be “market-based and technology-neutral.” Renewable Fuels Association head Geoff Cooper warned the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee against picking “winners and losers” in any national clean fuel program.

Cooper; “In essence, a clean fuels program sets annual greenhouse gas reduction requirements for the transportation sector, and then it allows the marketplace to determine the most efficient and economical ways of achieving those reductions without dictating the use of specific fuels or vehicles.”

Offering biofuels a level playing field to compete with electric and other vehicles. Cooper; “We believe renewable fuels like ethanol offer an effective and immediate solution for decarbonizing the transportation sector, including light and heavy-duty vehicles, rail, marine, and even aviation fuels.”

And all of that with corn; Cooper says “Today’s corn ethanol already cuts greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 50 percent on average, compared to gasoline. With increased adoption of low-carbon farming practices, carbon capture, utilization and storage, and other technologies, the US ethanol industry is well on its way to producing net-zero corn ethanol.”

And doing so by 2050, as pledged by RFA’s members, but only if there’s fairness in carbon footprint standards, reporting of improvements, greenhouse gas reduction targets, and cost-containment.

Cooper; “And five, it should include complimentary measures to remove technical and regulatory barriers that artificially limit the use of certain low-carbon fuel options, like the current barrier we have in place today that prevents the sale of E15 during the summer months.”

Cooper also called for continued investment in E15 and E85 infrastructure, a strong RFS, and equitable flex-fuel vehicle incentives.

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