Ethanol Production Surges

The Energy Information Administration says ethanol output jumped to the highest level in more than two months while inventories again increased during the week ending on February 17.

The EIA report says production rose to an average of 1.029 million barrels a day. That’s up from 1.014 million barrels, on average, during the previous week and is the highest output since December 16.

The Midwest saw output increase to an average of 984,000 barrels a day, up from 965,000 barrels during the previous week. That was where all the gains took place. Production in the West Coast and East Coast regions was unchanged from the prior week. Production in the Rocky Mountain and Gulf Coast regions fell an average of 9,000 and 21,000 barrels a day, respectively.

Ethanol stockpiles were up again, rising to 25.58 million barrels, up from 25.33 million during the prior week, and the highest level since April 1, 2022.