Thursday, May 17th, 2023 Video and Audio Program

On today’s program, we talk markets (specifically the corn market and price) and the farm economy this month with David Widmar from Agricultural Economic Insights (AEI). We go through some of their latest research and take a look at the markets post May WASDE Report. Learn more at

Plus, we are joined once again this month by Richard Fordyce, Business Growth Director of Agriculture at Osborn Barr Paramore (OBP) and former FSA Administrator. We discuss the latest issues in agriculture each month and on this episode; we talk spring planting, Farm Bill and Prop 12.

***AUDIO ONLY*** We also sit down with Curt Blades from Association of Equipment Manufacturers to discuss the April Equipment Sales numbers.

Today’s program is brought to you in part by Growmark/FS; learn more online by visiting