Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Agriculture On Guard Against Cyber-Attacks

Agriculture has seen increasing online attacks in recent years. Global AgTech says technology makes running daily operations easier and helps increase output. Different types of technology help with efficiency, yield, and profitability, and they include computers, robotics, drones, software, and vehicles.

One of the biggest reasons agriculture has become an online target is due to the vital role it plays in the country’s economy. Farms are also considered easy targets. Many farmers haven’t implemented cybersecurity measures and are unaware of the vital role those measures play in the success of their operations. Industry experts recommend farmers implement security measures to protect their businesses. Among some of the recommended best practices, farmers should have a dedicated contingency plan.

It’s also important to protect all login information. Make sure to put measures in place to protect against phishing attacks. It’s also very important to install antivirus software and make sure it stays updated.

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