Stratovation to Launch Collaborative Specialty Crop Biologicals Study

Stratovation Group is engineering a new study on how specialty-crop growers perceive agricultural biologicals for vegetable, leafy greens and fruit and nut crops. The new study, “Biologicals: Specialty Crop Growers’ Perceptions, Values and Potential,” will be conducted in collaboration with Western Growers, the Agricultural Retailers Association, DC Legislative and Regulatory Services, and The Fertilizer Institute.

TFI President and CEO Corey Rosenbusch says, “This effort provides a unique opportunity to gather insights directly from growers, enabling our members to support their input needs effectively and drive sustainable innovation deeper into agriculture.”

The specialty crop effort will be a comprehensive market research effort focused on understanding farmer/grower opinions on the current use, issues and potential for biologicals, but specifically for vegetable, leafy greens and fruit and nut production at the farm level. The 2023 study will set benchmarks around the use of biologicals by specialty crop growers and provide a roadmap to companies seeking to grow and develop the market category.