Farm Groups Urge Lawmakers to Find Bipartisan Appropriations Path

The American Farm Bureau Federation and 21 other agriculture groups are urging lawmakers to find a bipartisan path forward in the ongoing appropriations process to avoid a government shutdown. Sam Kieffer, AFBF Vice President for Public Policy, says the letter was sent to leadership of the House and Senate.

“Encouraging them to approach the appropriations process in a bipartisan manner and do everything they can to avert a government shutdown,” according to Kieffer. “Not only do we need to keep the government moving, but just as important, the longer we delay this current process, the less time there is to consider the important piece of legislation called the farm bill, which expires in less than a few days.”

Kieffer says their message to Congress is simple; “Urging Congress to find a bipartisan path forward that avoids the government shutdown and addresses federal government funding without additional delay, because we need to get to a farm bill conversation. There are very few days left in the congressional calendar this year, and we certainly want to get a farm bill conversation underway, and a farm bill passed before a presidential election cycle starts in 2024.”

Kieffer says farmers and ranchers need a modern farm bill.

“The current farm bill that was signed into law in 2018 is an effective piece of legislation, but the situation now with regard to operating costs and farm inputs is significantly different than it was in 2018, and we need to take the opportunity for Congress to have a robust conversation and consider investments into the piece of legislation that is in place to make sure that farm and ranch families have a safety net,” according to Kieffer.