Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Drought Monitor Shows Improvements After Rainfall

Western parts of the Midwest were inundated with heavy rains while the eastern part received little to no moisture. Large areas in Minnesota and Wisconsin and parts of Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri all received two inches or more.

Abnormal dryness and moderate to exceptional drought were reduced in these areas. Meanwhile, drought continued expanding over Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, and in parts of Missouri, Michigan, and Illinois. Northern and eastern parts of the High Plains region received as much as two inches of rainfall, while parts of Wyoming and Kansas stayed dry. Drought conditions contracted in North and South Dakota and Nebraska.

In the South, bands of heavy rain fell in eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and the Louisiana and Texas borders with Arkansas, with some amounts topping five inches of rain. But the western half of Texas and Oklahoma, along with much of Mississippi and Tennessee received little to no rain.

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