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Monday, October 2nd, 2023 Video and Audio Program

It sounds like a big pattern change is on the way with a wide temperature swing this week and frost risk this coming weekend. However, does that really matter with how quickly this crop matured and how fast harvest is progressing? We discuss all of that and more with Eric Snodgrass from Nutrien Ag Solutions. Learn more at

Also, we have our monthly conversation with Richard Fordyce who is the Business Growth Director-Agriculture at Osborn Barr Paramore (OBP). We discuss government shutdowns, anti-checkoff legislation, fall harvest and much more. ***DISCLAIMER*** We had this conversation late last week, ahead of what looked to be a government shutdown. Some of our conversation alludes to that potential shutdown that was averted over the weekend.

Finally, we talk about timely herbicide application on your alfalfa crops and more with Jose Cabrera, BASF Technical Services Rep, at the end of today’s program.

Today’s program is brought to you in part by Growmark/FS; learn more online by visiting


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