Weekly Corn Export Inspections Drop

Inspections of corn for overseas delivery dropped week-to-week while bean assessments improved. USDA data says corn inspections totaled 434,471 metric tons in the seven days ending on October 12.

That’s a significant drop from over 800,400 tons the week prior and just below the 460,000 tons assessed during the same week in 2022. Examinations of soybeans for export surged to just over two million metric tons last week, up from 1.4 million the previous week and higher than the 1.93 million tons assessed during the same week last year. Wheat inspections also rose, increasing to 354,771 metric tons from just over 306,600 tons during the previous week. That’s also up from the 244,500 tons assessed during the same week in 2022.

Since the new marketing year began on September 1, USDA has assessed 3.93 million metric tons of corn for offshore delivery, and soybean inspections are at 5.4 million tons.