IA Ag Secretary on EPA’s Herbicide Strategy

Mike Naig, Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture, submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency raising serious concerns about its draft Endangered Species Act herbicide strategy. Iowa is a national leader in crop production, so the secretary submitted written comments from the perspective of Iowa farmers and the state’s agriculture community.

Naig says he appreciates the agency’s efforts to comply with the Endangered Species Act while still allowing farmers access to crop protection tools. However, he says the proposed strategy is too complex and would be an incredible burden on farmers and pesticide applicators. He also says the EPA must consider the economic impact of the proposed strategy and conduct a thorough economic analysis.

“Farmers have proven time and again that they can be productive while also setting conservation records,” Naig says. “This burdensome strategy will jeopardize both those accomplishments.” EPA should also not rush the process to reach a final rule.