Bill to Support Organic Dairy Farmers

Senator Tammy Baldwin introduced legislation to support organic dairy farmers and help them address economic challenges like feed shortages and increased costs.

The Organic Dairy Assistance, Investment, and Reporting Yields Act of 2023 will increase investments in the organic dairy industry to ensure resiliency and longevity and works to improve data collection for organic milk production to enhance price accuracy and transparency. The Wisconsin Democrat says, “In the face of recent headwinds, I’m committed to delivering the support our dairies need to keep their operations open for generations to come.”

The legislation would extend emergency assistance to organic dairy farmers facing losses and invest $25 million annually in dairy infrastructure investments. Additionally, the bill directs USDA to the viability of an organic safety net program, which would get aid to farmers faster when disasters hit in the future. Known as the O DAIRY Act of 2023, the bill has broad support from the organic dairy industry, including the Organic Farmers Association.