A Mixed Bag of October Midwest Economic News

(Omaha, NE) — A monthly Midwest economic report for October is a bit of a mixed bag. The nine-state Mid-America Business Conditions Index is down from last month, but still showing growth. It’s also showing some pessimism among business leaders.

“60% of the manufacturing supply managers expect a downturn in economic activity over the next six months,” according to Creighton University Economist Ernie Goss. “Only one in ten sees growth ahead so that’s not exactly what we’re looking for.”

Goss says he’s still holding onto the prospect that the Midwest could see a recession in the next six months. “I’m expecting a slowdown, and a fairly significant slowdown. I’ll call it a rolling recession meaning certain parts of the economy are not doing well right now, particularly banking.”

Find more about the survey here: https://www.creighton.edu/economicoutlook/midamericaneconomy