NFU Releases Farmer’s Share of Thanksgiving Food Dollar

The National Farmers Union released its Farmers’ Share of the Food Dollar Report for items typically served during the Thanksgiving holiday. These figures reflect how much family farmers earn compared to the amount consumers pay at the grocery store.

Consumers are likely to see an increase when they shop for the holiday meal, but little of that increase will get passed on to American farmers and ranchers. An 11-pound turkey retails for $21.89, with the farmer’s share at 66 cents. A 12-ounce box of stuffing is $3.99, and the farmer gets nine cents. Sixteen-ounce frozen sweet corn costs $2.99, and the farmer gets 41 cents. Pumpkin pie filling is $1.79 a can, and farmers get 16 cents. A five-pound bag of mashed potatoes costs $3.99, and farmers get 64 cents. A two-pound boneless ham is $12.98, with the farmer receiving $1.32. Twelve-ounce cranberries are $2.99, and the farmer’s share is 29 cents.