New York City Moving to Renewable Diesel

New York City has a plan in place to become the first city on the East Coast to transition all heavy-duty vehicles in the city’s fleet from fossil to renewable fuel. The fleet includes more than 12,600 on- and off-road trucks and specialized equipment that operates on diesel fuel.

By the end of 2024, they’ll all operate on renewable diesel. Renewable diesel is proven to reduce carbon emissions and will replace up to 16 million gallons of fossil fuel used annually to power the city’s heavy-duty fleet, which includes garbage trucks and ambulances. After the full rollout of 16 million gallons of renewable diesel, the city will have cut 128 billion grams of carbon dioxide pollution each year.

The transition already began in September with 2.5 million gallons of renewable diesel already used across heavy-duty vehicles. Renewable diesel fully replaces fossil diesel, protecting the environment and delivering the same quality fuel.