Reforms in a New Farm Bill

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) called on Senate and House leadership to address several important topics in writing a new farm bill.

They’re asking leaders to address the impacts of inflation, waste in farm and nutrition programs, and foreign influence in U.S. agriculture. In a letter to leaders in both chambers, they say the administration and its reckless spending have led the U.S. to record inflation. “By making conservative reforms to key programs, we will be able to tame inflation while also keeping in place a responsible safety net for U.S. farm families,” they say.

They also call for reforms to the SNAP program by citing its $1.2 trillion price tag and growing error rate. They’re also urging Congress to bring more accountability to the USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation, which they say is a bureaucratic “slush fund,” and oversight would save $8 billion over 20 years.