Purdue Consumer Survey Deals with Food Concerns

The Purdue University Consumer Food Insights is a monthly survey conducted by the Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability. The information is used to track trends and changes in consumer food demand and food sustainability behaviors.

The November survey dealt with several food safety topics. Among the many findings, most consumers associate “Best if Used By” and “Use-By” food date labels with food safety rather than food quality. The perceived risk of foodborne illnesses is higher in restaurants than in food prepared at home. Consumers are also more likely to believe raw meats pose a higher risk of containing foodborne bacteria than other food times.

Risk-averse consumers ate more food cooked at home than risk-loving consumers. Risk-loving consumers reported eating unwashed produce, rare or undercooked meats, and raw dough or batter more frequently than risk-averse or risk-neutral consumers. Food insecurity dropped slightly for the fifth straight month to 12.8 percent.