Nebraska Governor Condemns UN Food Strategy

Photo courtesy of BASF

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen commended Nebraska Representative Mike Flood for introducing a resolution condemning the UN Food Strategy that was released at COP28. He says the strategy is bad for Nebraska and other agricultural states.

“The UN’s radical attack on agriculture undermines the livelihoods of Nebraska farmers and ranchers as well as those in other states where agriculture is an economic driver,” Pillen says. “Anti-agriculture activism damages the world’s food system, and it hurts the hungry.”

He also says farmers in and out of Nebraska raise their products using sustainable methods designed to protect the land and resources on which they rely. The COP28 report called for countries to revamp their farm subsidies to encourage healthier eating, prevent overgrazing of livestock, and eliminate food waste. The report also backed sugar taxes, which would apply to high-fructose corn syrup. It also calls for the promotion of plant-based alternatives to red meat.