Nearly 21 Million Children Expected to Receive New Grocery Benefit This Summer

The Department of Agriculture this week announced that 35 states, all five U.S. territories, and four tribes plan to be the first to launch the new, permanent summer grocery benefits program for children.

Known as Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer, the program in 2024 will serve close to 21 million children, providing nearly $2.5 billion in grocery benefits. This is around 70 percent of the total population of children eligible for Summer EBT. Through the program, states will provide families with $120 per eligible child for the summer to buy food at grocery stores, farmers markets or other authorized retailers – similar to how SNAP benefits are used. Participating tribes will provide a benefit of the same amount that can be used to buy food at WIC-authorized retailers.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says, “Together we’re making progress in closing the summer hunger gap and ensuring children are nourished and healthy year-round.” USDA expects additional states and tribes will provide Summer EBT in 2025.