Without More Funding, FCC Winding Down Broadband Program

The Federal Communications Commission plans to start winding down the Affordable Connectivity Program as funding for the effort dries up. The FCC has emphasized the need for additional funding for program, and the White House recently made an additional funding request to Congress for $6 billion to keep the program going.

With less than four months before the projected program end date and without any immediate additional funding, this week, the Commission expects to begin taking steps to start winding down the program to give households, providers, and other stakeholders sufficient time to prepare. FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel says in a letter to lawmakers, “If Congress does not provide additional funding for the ACP in the near future, millions of households will lose the ACP benefit that they use to afford internet service.”

While Congress initially appropriated $14.2 billion for the ACP, more funding is needed to keep the program in place. The FCC expects funding to last through April 2024, running out completely in May.