Radio Hand-In-Hand With the Future

The Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada, had plenty to offer in the way of future technology, including self-driving cars and Artificial Intelligence.

Radio Ink says broadcasters should be encouraged that radio continues to show up at a high-tech event like CES. Radio’s largest presence was in the car, just like in everyday life. One company showed off the DTS AutoStage technology in a BMW. It offered a visual way to enjoy AM-FM and in-car games like Jeopardy. As electric vehicles continue to grow, companies are looking for ways to help drivers and passengers pass the time while their EVs charge. The same company showed off adding HD radio to Harley Davidson motorcycles.

John Deere showed off its future farmer-focused technology, which included radio still playing a big part of the in-cab entertainment system. That became more important when looking at agriculture’s push to preserve the AM band in rural America.