CA Ranchers Watching Wolves Attack Cattle Herds

Ranchers in California who see wolves attacking their cattle can only watch, unlike other states where wolves can be shot for it. Meantime, a California state fund set aside to compensate ranchers for their losses is quickly running out of money.

“Not only can you not kill a wolf for attacking and killing one of your calves, but you also can’t injure it in any way,” says Kirk Wilbur, vice president of government affairs for the California Cattlemen’s Association. Cowboy State Daily says that’s the opposite of the policy in Wyoming, where wolves can be shot at any time. Ten years ago, Wolves began making their way from Oregon into California, and the northern part of the state now has over 40 established wolf packs.

California put a $3 million compensation package in place during 2021, but it’s now running low on money. The current 102 applications will deplete the remaining funds.