USDA Deputy Secretary Touring Land-Grant Universities

USDA’s Deputy Secretary Xochitl Torres Small is continuing a multi-week tour throughout the country’s land-grant universities. During her tour, the Deputy is visiting campuses in at least seven states to highlight how the agency is working with those universities to advance rural prosperity, climate-smart practices, competition, and sustainability.

USDA is investing new funding for education and training, advancing cutting edge research, and bolstering economic development to build a food and agriculture food system that’s climate-smart, sustainable, and equitable. “Investments in the next generation of agriculture will benefit people in every sector of ag, food, and forestry,” says Torres Small. “At USDA, we’re committed to the future of our students and delivering real-life, applicable solutions to decades old problems like bringing broadband internet to communities around the country.”

USDA’s National Institute for Food and Agriculture has provided more than $5 billion in support of land-grant university campuses since fiscal year 2021.